If you are seeking sophisticated mobile phone tracking software you can use anywhere, you want an Android tracking app for smartphones. With a smartphone linked to a Droid tracking app you can monitor a whole range of information and data from any location Internet access is available.  Phone Tracker apps are powerful new monitoring tools.

Why You Need a Cell Phone Tracker

A cell phone tracker is a tool downloaded to a cell phone you wish to monitor. The tracking application uses the phone to gather information and data, and then sends that information to you. The method of delivery depends on the parameters you set.

Why would you need a cell phone tracking app? With most phones being installed with the latest Android technology having an Android tracking app is a good way to keep up with all of their features.

  • Track incoming and outgoing calls using trigger numbers (preselected phone numbers you want to monitor) that are recorded with a time stamp and duration
  • Intercept calls in real time as a silent third party
  • Retrieve all call history from the phone including names, numbers, dates, time and durations of the calls
  • Read emails, attachments and locate email addresses
  • Record and save SMS messages including erased messages
  • Send an SMS from you through the monitored phone to a target number so the receiver thinks the message is from the monitored phone
  • Real time use as an Android GPS tracking app allowing you to be constantly updated to the exact location of the phone
  • Define boundaries on a map and be notified when the phone enters or leaves the boundary

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Various Cell Phone Tracking Apps

You have a few choices with which Android tracking software you want. You also have a choice of either purchase for a one-time charge or paying a monthly fee. The monthly charge seems the most useful for two reasons:

  • you can cancel it if the phone becomes a brick or is no longer in service
  • you can cancel when you no longer need to monitor the phone as your situation has changed or the answer has been found

If you are an employer than the one-time charge may be better. This depends on how long you need a tracking app for the Android and how many you are monitoring.

Specialized Uses of a Tracking App for Android Phones

Other than the cheating spouses or employee monitoring, three potentially unknown problems can be uncovered using an Android tracking app.

  • If you suspect a family member of being in an unhealthy relationship you can use a phone tracking app to find out. Are they being told to lie or threatened? Are they changing routes or suddenly changing plans consistantly? Are they hiding emails, calls or texts? Use the Android app to monitor the phone and find out.
  • If you suspect someone is targeting a family member such as a child or elderly person you can keep track of them via the phone. Is someone communicating with them you do not know? Are they receiving lewd photos, emails or video? Are they sending photos, email or videos? Is someone scamming them for money? You can download information right from their phone to your computer as evidence.
  • If you suspect eating disorders, alcohol or drug problems or other mental health issues one of the Android apps available may help you know for sure. Android tracking apps allow you to listen in to the surroundings during phone calls. You can also track their location using GPS, helping you to pinpoint where they go, when they were there and how long.

The best tracking app for parents would be Phone Sheriff which is geared towards parental monitoring. FlexiSpy has two plans, Omni (allowing for phone bugging of communications) and Lite (without phone bugging). StealthGenie offers just about the same features as FlexiSpy but with a different price range. All three Android tracking app can be installed within five minutes.

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